Update 11/11/2017

Hey Guys!

This week we had an awesome presentation on Game Environment Optimization! Other than learning about technical artists, we learned a lot about making our games more efficient and smooth! Stay tuned, the presentation slides will be posted soon!

Next week we have Jesse Sosa, a character artist, to come and speak about himself and the industry! Join us as usual in the development meeting to hear him speak (3:00pm in ATC 3.914).

Don't forget to sign up for your industry critique event here:

Event Registration

- Kshaya

Update 10/13/2017

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

This week we are at Chillenium making games and chugging caffine for 48 hours! We wish all our competeing teams the best! You can get updates at the Chillenium website:

- Kshaya

Update 10/6/2017

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first blog post! Recently we had our first game jam and the turnout was amazing! We had 7 games submitted to our page at the end of 48 hours of hard work! Here is a link to the page so you can check out these cool games! Click here:

Also please don’t forget about the upcoming chilennium event! It’s an awesome opportunity to learn and get some industry experience! Here's some more info on that:

- Kshaya