SGDA Officer Applications


Student Game Developer Alliance

An interdisciplinary group

We are a community that unites students across all fields who share a passion for games.

Semester Game Jams

Our largest event with dozens of people coming together to have fun and build games in 48 hours

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Open Positions

Spots we're looking to fill for next semester

These are the officers that currently hold each current and soon-to-be open position.

Please see the apply section for qualifications.

Current Officer: Grant Branam


Being in this position for two years has been an incredible experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with passionate officers in growing this organization to where it is today and making it a place that I can call home. We’ve taken on some big initiatives, and I can confidently say that this position has been the most rewarding opportunity I’ve had at UT Dallas.

As an aspiring producer, SGDA has enabled me to take on large-scale projects involving development, event and program hosting, developer advocacy, and the community. This experience is invaluable, and I am excited for those interested in pursuing officer positions to continue this work moving forward.

Just as every president in the past has had different goals, priorities, and philosophies on leadership, should you apply for this position you too will have a presidency of your own. You won’t be alone, as we tend to stay active as alum, however it will be up to you to develop the future of this organization.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook or Discord if you have questions about us or applying for President!'

Current Officer: David McCullough

Marketing Officer

As an aspiring designer, the SGDA has been an invaluable resource, introducing me to an awesome community that is committed to supporting one another hone their craft. The SGDA has been instrumental in facilitating my growth at UTD, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as an officer. I recommend applying for an officer position to anyone interested in fostering the game development community at UTD further.

As the marketing officer, you are responsible for promoting events and for pushing useful information to the SGDA community via social media, Discord, and email.

You won’t regret getting involved, as I can guarantee you will learn things about both yourself and your industry that you simply wouldn’t otherwise. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Current Officer: Tyler Reed


SGDA is easily the best networking opportunity in ATEC for game devs. Through SGDA I've met so many talented students that I never would have crossed paths with at our school. And from being an officer I've gotten the chance to reach out and network within the Dallas Dev community as well.

Meeting and learning within the community is one of the best parts about game dev for me. It's a beautiful melting pot of nerds from all over, and you're really doing a disservice to yourself if you don't jump in.

I served as SGDA Treasurer for a year and a half, but the positions don't define what you can put into or get out of this organization. The structure of the org is pretty flat, and you can take on what tasks you feel up to, and push for the changes you want to see.

I'll be graduating at the end of this spring semester, but hopefully I'll have a big-boy job soon and can come back to lecture y'all about 3D stuff. Cheers!

Current Officer: Philip Sams

Graphic Designer

As the SGDA Graphic Design Officer, I created all the graphics used in our advertisements such as posters, newsletters, and social media banners. I also developed the new logo used for our rebranding.

I graduated in December, so if you’re interested in helping shape the future creative direction of the SGDA apply today.


General Qualifications for all positions

Be an undergrad UTD student taking 9 or more hours, or

Be a graduate UTD student taking 6 or more hours

Hold a 2.5 or better undergraduate GPA, or

Hold a 3.0 or better graduate GPA, and

Not be on disciplinary probation, scholastic or otherwise

Have attended UTD for 2 or more semesters

Have a meeting with the officer who currently holds the position, and

Attend 1 or more Srping 2018 SGDA events